6 Ways to Have a Better Day at Work

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None of us wake up and think….I’d love to have a crazy, chaotic, out of control day at the office today…and on top of that, I’d love to be drowning in paperwork and other people’s problems all day…and on top of that…I’d love to come home and say I didn’t get one single thing done today!
True story? None of us want that day! But how many of us have that day…day after day?! It happens to me sometimes too. When I get caught off guard and buried in a flurry, I’ll usually come in on a Saturday just so that I can clear off my desk and scan through the lines of unread emails to see if I missed anything important. When you let the chaos build up it gets worse and worse, day after day.
Here are my 6 tips on how to take control of your day, so that it doesn’t take control of YOU:
1. Keep a clean work space: Nothing creates chaos like a chaotic out of control desk and office. I know you know exactly what I mean. When your desk is clear, your mind is clear. If you could see my desk now: Only things on it are my keyboard and my notes that I’m using to write this blog. I believe that a clean desk and office leans toward a healthier mental attitude which leads to a more productive day.
2. Meditate: I’ve said it so many times in so many different blogs. You have to know by now that meditation is the answer to having a healthy, happy and productive life. Work is most certainly a part of life. Today is Monday and I forgot to meditate. I got caught up in the rush of getting out the door. And now a few hours later, I can feel the tension in my chest and my shallow breathing. My body knows that I skipped it and it’s mad at me. When you give your body food and water but not meditation, it’s like putting the cheapest grade fuel in your car and then expecting it to run like a Porsche! I personally need to run like a Porsche every day…vroom vroom! If you can’t stand to meditate on the weekend, then at least do it on your work days. I spend about 15 minutes each morning doing a meditation right after I wake up. When I stand up afterwards, I can feel myself smiling, inside and out, and feeling more clear and happy about the day in front of me. Search on your phone and find an app for meditation. Use it daily along with ear buds and I promise it will change your life…You’re welcome 
3. Say No: We all get overwhelmed and sometimes it’s because we simply cannot say “No”, whether it’s at work or at home. I personally don’t have that problem as NO is my go-to answer to most questions. I’m always trying to offload some of my work onto my managers desks, I’m absolutely not saying yes to any new work of any kind, unless it’s a new business startup that we are working on, which seems to be always lately! Just practice saying No: no to a party you don’t want to go to, no to a date you don’t want to go on, no to your nieces recital, whatever it is, if you don’t want to do it, just say NO. You will still be a good person and people will still love you. Trust me, I’m completely loveable and my first answer is always no!
4. Don’t work when you are off work: Electronics were supposed to make our lives so much easier and streamline everything. But really how did that turn out for us? No so well. It turned us into a society of over worked, stressed out drones, with our phones glued to our palms. I had to move the email icon on my phone to the very back of the many screens of icons just so I wouldn’t see that there are always 2,000+ unread emails. I also turned off the sound associated with email. If it’s important someone will call or text because I never turn those sounds off. I used to read my email at home before I left for work in the morning so that I could get a jump start on the day. Then I realized that I was never able to get out of the house on time because I was trapped at my home computer answering emails. I get 100+ emails a day and it’s overwhelming. For your sake, and the mental wellbeing of your employees, don’t let people install work email on their phones. That email will still be there tomorrow when you get back to the office. Our addiction to electronics is killing us. It’s causing the rate of employee burn out and divorce to be sky high. We are in an era where we just can’t put down our phones. It affects our performance at work and our quality of life at home. Put down your phone and your tablet, walk away from the computer and just enjoy life when you aren’t working. Go workout, take the family to dinner or go to the beach. You will see how your performance at work increases with your new found happiness and your home life obviously gets better too. Happiness and rest are critical to all aspects of life.
5. To do list before you leave work: This is so important. I never ever leave work without knowing what it is that has to be done tomorrow. If you leave tonight and have no idea what you want to accomplish tomorrow, then tomorrow you will spend at least the first 30 minutes of the day trying to remember where you left off on what project and what you should work on first. And while you are wondering what to do first, other people will walk into your office with their problems and needs lists and take over your day. Don’t leave work without prioritizing the things that have to get done tomorrow.
6. Tackle the tough stuff first: I used to save my most hated task to be the very last thing I had to do in the day. Why? Because I didn’t want to do it. Maybe it was that I needed to call a client and tell them that interest rates went up or their loan got declined. When I was a mortgage broker my day was filled with awful conversations all day every day. I never even thought I would live to be 40 years old. The stress was so high. I would put the worst conversations off till end of the day. I was making my entire day be extra stressful by putting off those conversations. Then one day I decided to make the worst phone call first, after I had my first cup of coffee. It was tough and it was stressful. But it also would have been tough and stressful at 4:45pm to make that phone call. From that day on I never procrastinated with the hard stuff. The worst task is always at the top of my list. And then the rest of the day is a breeze.
So there you have it, my thoughts on how to have a better day at work. I hope you enjoyed this blog. As always I write from the heart and from my own personal life experiences. If you liked it, please click the heart button and share it with your friends! Be sure to subscribe to my blog so that you never miss an episode of “Trish-Talk.”
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