Work Less. Live More

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We all want to work less and live more, right? There’s something so magical about the thought. Making it happen, that’s a tricky combination of talent, hard work and timing. In my lifetime, frequently I have money or time but not both at the same time. Does that happen to you? When I’m making tons of money I don’t have time to spend it. And when I have time on my hands it’s because business is slow and I shouldn’t spend money on frivolous things like travel, shopping and dining. There is an art to mastering it all and I’m here to share it with you. I own 4 businesses and I’m crazy busy but any time that I need a break, I go online and look for a tropical spot where I can relax for 10 days and then I come back re-energized and ready to crank it out for several months. And here’s how I do it:
1. Attitude of Gratitude: I’m here to tell you that if you aren’t grateful for everything that you have right now in this moment, you will never get more. So maybe you want a mansion with a Bentley parked in the garage but all you have right now is an apartment and an old car. Be grateful for those things. Be grateful for the shelter over your head and the transportation that gets you to work and gets your kids to school. Give thanks every morning for those things as well as your health, your family, your job and everything else in your life that you are grateful for.
2. Think Before You Execute: We all get so caught up in the rat race that we can literally run ourselves to death. Stress causes disease in our bodies. Whenever I have an important decision to make like a new hire, a new location, a new joint venture or anything with long lasting effects, I really give myself time to think about it. There are some days where I am so tired that all I can do is sort through emails and look through the stack on my desk, searching for non-critical files to work on. Important decisions require that you have had adequate sleep and plenty of time to give consideration to the task at hand. Take a day, a week, a month or longer when it comes to making really critical decisions. Never let anyone else rush your process.
3. Work Hard. Play Hard: It sounds so cliché doesn’t it? But it’s absolutely true! I give more than 100% at work. I’ve worked 6 days a week for 20+ years and sometimes it’s exhausting but mostly it’s exhilarating because I love what I do. I have 4 different businesses that I own and they are all service related in the beauty industry so I spend my life helping other people to gain their own happiness and that’s a pretty great feeling. But it comes at a price of wearing me down to the point where I literally think I’m going to die from exhaustion and stress. So before that moment comes, I try to always take a time out. I’ll book a long weekend in Vegas, Palm Springs or San Diego to just get away and recharge so that I can come back ready to rock and roll. For Christmas 2016 I went on a 21 day Caribbean cruise and honestly, that was too long. It was really hard to come back from that. It took me at least a week to rebalance my life and realize that, yes; I still do work for a living! So do your play time in moderation so that you don’t need a vacation from your vacation!
There you have it, my Absolute Guide on How to Work Less and Live More. I hope you enjoyed this blog. As always I write from the heart and from my own personal life experiences. If you liked it, please click the heart and share it with your friends! Be sure to subscribe to my blog so that you never miss an episode of “Trish-Talk.”

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